Episode 17

Episode 17

2018-03-08 / MP3 [29.1MB; 60m 33s]

David, Jen, Mark, Megan, and Stuart present Seldom Sirius. Episode seventeen in which Orion is everyone's favourite.

In this episode, Jen, Mark and Stuart reveal their favourite constellations (spoiler alert: it's Orion for all three!), discuss the recent claim that astronomers have observed evidence of the first stars in the Universe, and get emotional (mostly Jen) while celebrating the achievements of the Opportunity rover on Mars.


Youth icon:Jen Gupta
Never been called a youth icon:Mark Purver
Stuart Lowe
Editor:Jen Gupta
Music:Brandon Boone
Website:Stuart Lowe
Producer:Jen Gupta
Mission patch image:The constellation Orion / CREDIT: Nick Risinger/Chromoscope