Episode 18

Episode 18

2018-04-26 / MP3 [18.9MB; 39m 13s]

David, Jen, Mark, Megan, and Stuart present Seldom Sirius. Episode eighteen in which we go on an adventure.

In this episode, Jen and Megan bring you a special episode recorded at the 2018 Communicating Astronomy with the Public conference which took place in March at the Fukuoka City Science Museum in Japan. They explain what the conference is all about, catch quick soundbites with conference participants from around the world, and chat to Prof Elizabeth Tasker about exoplanets and her work at JAXA, the Japanese space agency.


Presenter:Jen Gupta
Megan Argo
Soundbites:Kumiko Usuda-Sato (NAOJ)
Pin-Wei Wang (National Museum of Natural Science Taiwan)
Iris Nijman (ASTRON)
Marja Seidel (Carnegie Observatories)
Thea Koen (SALT)
Thiago Goncalves (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)
Liz Avery (Royal Observatory Greenwich)
Interview:Elizabeth Tasker (JAXA)
Editor:Jen Gupta
Music:Brandon Boone
Website:Stuart Lowe
Producer:Jen Gupta
Image:Cherry blossom in Japan / CREDIT: Stuart Lowe