Episode 23

Episode 23

2020-04-06 / MP3 [15.5MB; 32m 18s]

David, Jen, Mark, Megan, and Stuart present Seldom Sirius. Episode twenty three in which we are isolated in space.

Hello again! It has been a while, hasn't it? In this episode, we talk about what we've done in the year since we last made an episode, we chat about isolation on the International Space Station (and down here on Earth), and we find out the dangers of letting astrophysicists get bored.


Socially isolated:Jen Gupta
Megan Argo
David Ault
Stuart Lowe
Mark Purver
Editor:Stuart Lowe
Music:Brandon Boone
Website:Stuart Lowe
Producer:Jen Gupta
Image:Bruce McCandless II socially isolates whilst orbiting in a jetpack / CREDIT: NASA